Dr. Tim Owings is the preeminent authority for care-centric client engagement in the service-oriented industries of finance, accounting, law, insurance, and human resource management.


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A Storied Life

In the early 1970s, my generation was experimenting with competing lifestyles. Rock and roll had morphed into heavy metal, and many moved to the beat of Janis Joplin, Cat Stevens, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin. Some of my friends were dangerously using illegal, even lethal psychedelic drugs such as LSD, heroin, and speed. Others had escaped from the confining cage of parental expectations; instead, they hit the road to explore America! Hair was long; beards were full, muslin tunics, wide collars, and bell-bottomed pants were avant-garde.  Read More

Good, Bad, Best

Someone wiser than I offered me sage wisdom years ago, that I pass on to you. Lost in memory is the specific moment in my much younger life when I heard this sentence, but its precision and power still walk the corridors of my soul. “The most difficult decisions in life,” my mentor observed, “are not between what is good and what is bad, but between what is good and what is best.” Read More

Discovering the Cadence of Care

Introducing a client-care practice culture starts with one gesture, one conversation, one thoughtful question at a time. My pastoral training and years of experience do not give me a pass when it comes to being purposefully engaged and fully present with another human being. Yes, it may flow easier for me because I have honed these skills for more than three decades; but, I know each one of us is capable of learning our clients’ stories in a way that deepens our relationships with them, both personally and professionally. Read More

Checking the CRM Boxes

What we know about a prospect or client is the heart and soul of CRM (customer relationship management). Publicly traded company Salesforce (symbol CRM) is one of many enterprises addressing this process. This is not an endorsement to buy or sell Salesforce nor a comment on its products, but rather an observation that CRM and its competitors’ robust technologies create a process that uses what is known about a client to drive marketing, sales, retention, and loyalty. Read More

Advisor Integrity

Maybe the most nagging issue we face as professionals is squaring what we hope people think about us with what we know about ourselves. Perhaps this struggle is best illustrated by the photograph of the little duck calmly cruising a pond, head focused, feathers all in place, while beneath the water, his little feet are frenetically paddling with all the gusto a duck can muster. The caption? “I may look calm on the surface, but underneath, I’m paddling like hell!” Read More


According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the use of tobacco, illicit drugs, and alcohol costs our nation over $700 billion a year in health care and work-loss related expense. This figure does not begin to touch the toll addiction takes on families and individuals whose lives are assaulted and often destroyed by the consequences of addictive behavior. The “big three” could be joined by persons with gambling and other addiction issues that are emotionally and financially costly. Read More

Asking the Tough Questions

Following a recent talk I gave, a new advisor came to me in the hall with a question about discovery. “Is asking questions about a client’s life story and their family’s issues around work, money, investments, health, and fears going too far?” In other words, is there a line we can cross when we do deep discovery? Are we asking questions that are too personal? Read More


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Crafting a Life Story


A clarion call to lead with purpose, Cadence of Care offers a wise and practical guide to deepening and enriching client relationships.
-Robert B. Seaberg, Ph.D. Intersect Consulting, LLC

Tim Owings understands what all the great ones know. People who trust you are far more important than all the product knowledge in the world.
-Don Connelly
Don Connelly Associates
The concepts Tim Owings shares in his book provide a comprehensive blueprint to integrate into practice.
-Marc D. Miller, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Business, Henderson State University