Discovering the Cadence of Care

Introducing a client-care practice culture starts with one gesture, one conversation, one thoughtful question at a time. My pastoral training and years of experience do not give me a pass when it comes to being purposefully engaged and fully present with another human being. Yes, it may flow easier for me because I have honed these skills for more than three decades; but, I know each one of us is capable of learning our clients’ stories in a way that deepens our relationships with them, both personally and professionally.

Every encounter we have with someone is a unique calling for us to offer focused listening with a commitment to learning more about the individual as well as ourselves. So, as I ask you to practice the following seven keys to deeper engagement with your clients, family, and friends, know I am also doing the same:

  1. Being fully present with a person is more important than any “trick of the trade” or clever conversational tool. Minimize needless distractions by closing your door and turning off electronic devices.
  2. We bond with an individual over time. How we begin that journey shapes everything that follows. Start with focused listening, tuning into that person’s story.
  3. Pay attention to the non-business aspects of a conversation.
  4. Learn to read emotions. Facial communicators and micro expressions offer clues to his or her frame of mind and feelings at that moment.
  5. Clients feel authenticity.  Be genuine in all you say or do. When you are, you unknowingly give others permission to be themselves.
  6. Being intentional about scheduling the next visit says “let’s stay connected.”
  7. Follow up with a call, text, or e-mail, reflecting on something in a previous conversation that needs your care. It could be a child’s struggle in school, a job challenge, a health issue, or fear about the future.

Your cadence of care for others will manifest as you devote more time understanding their hopes, needs, and dreams. I encourage you to put your finger on the pulse of a client or loved one’s need for validation, and you will soon transform your practice, your relationships, and your life.


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