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We humans live by story.  Our family of origin and extended family, the community where we were reared, faith and education environments, social constructs, music heard and overheard, and scores of other creeks and streams trickle into the river of our lives.  And yes, from time to time, some authoritarian voice says something we accept without question, piercing every logical or critical filter we have, taking up permanent residence in our minds.  These ideas –

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The words “investor” and “fear” seem joined at the hip.  One client expresses unconcern with the market reaching new highs while another sits on the sidelines unable to pull the “buy” trigger.  The first client is fearful of a pullback, correction, or bear market while the other is afraid she’s missed an upside opportunity that may not show up again for some time.   When money is involved, clients feel and manifest any number of

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It was Socrates offering sage wisdom when he taught: “Never lead with statements when you can lead with questions.” Simple but profound wisdom, but difficult both to remember and implement. Why? Because all of us have so much we feel we need and want to say. And, human nature being what it is, we warm to the sound of our own voice. Asking questions has nothing to do with any voyeuristic curiosity we have about

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What are some ways we can support our clients through a divorce when it comes to their children?  Through the years, I have had dozens of conversations with divorcing couples whose love and concern for their children is and must be number one.  Parents separating and who may eventually divorce must convey to their children that this change in the family has not been and never will be their fault.   When a marriage ends,

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Cats are curious creatures.  Winston, our four year old Tonkinese, reverts to kitten status when we roll a ball across the floor or toss a toy mouse up in the air.  He is innately curious; we activate that curiosity with a ball or toy. We of the human species are, like our feline friends, insatiably curious.  We want to know more than is knowable.  We ask questions the “Why am I here?” and “From whence

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It is very rare when I discover that a deeply talented A clarion call to lead with purpose, Cadence of Care offers a wise and practical guide to deepening and enriching client relationships.
-Robert B. Seaberg, Ph.D. Intersect Consulting, LLC

Tim Owings understands what all the great ones know. People who trust you are far more important than all the product knowledge in the world.
-Don Connelly, Don Connelly Associates
The concepts Tim Owings shares in his book provide a comprehensive blueprint to integrate into practice.
-Marc D. Miller, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Business, Henderson State University